Is there a joining fee?

At MiddleParkFitness we do not charge any additional costs to join. There are no antiquated joining fees, the industry's favorite, 'admin fees', or any other hidden fees to pay when you join.

Is there a locked-in ongoing contract?

At MiddleParkFitness we have NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS. You can stay for as long or as short as you wish. We regualrly have members who join just for winter, or while they are on holidiays etc....you simply let us know you wish to discontinue and we will ensure that your membership is stopped.

Do I have to be a Club member of MiddleParkFitness to participate in Personal training?

No you do not have to become a member of our club to participate in Personal training sessions at MiddleParkFitness.

Is there a discount if I train with a friend?

Yes....how big a discount is up to you and your friend/partner. At MiddleParkFitness you can share your personal training sessions and share the costs with your partner....either you both can elect to pay half...or my favorite, get your friend to pay and you get your training for FREE (just depends on how generous you each are). Worth considering: We have found that clients get the added bonus of staying motivated throughout the week when training with their partner/buddy.

Can I place my membership on hold if I go away on holidays?

Yes you may...we've made it really simple, so you only pay for the membership weeks that you are here.....and there are no penalty or added costs to do so.

What other facilities do you have?

As well as the fully equipped gym, stretch room, cardio area and free weights, there are lots of 'toys' to help keep you going and add some variety to your training. We also have showers in the changerooms to help if you need to go to work or dine out straight after your workout.

Are there any other businesses in the building?

There is an on-site massage therapist, ice bath, naturapth, hair salon and also a Dance Studio available for kids upstairs. All located within the building.

I heard you have an ice-bath, can anyone use it?

Yes, there is an ice bath available with a fully qualified 'ice' specialist to help with Breathing and all Ice Bath techniques.

Is it expensive to join MiddleParkFitness?

We thought we would give you the answers and save you the phone call, email or time. If the only thing you're interested in is low costs, then I recomend you go somewhere else....we are definitley not the most expensive, nor are we the cheapest....but what our members find is that we offer a fantastic service for an affordable price. FREE added warning....sadly we have had many people join us after they 'tried' another gym that was cheaper...unfortunately for them, they were either injured, insulted, ignored and more often, ripped off (the classic fitness industry's 'lock-in contracts').

What does it costs to join MiddleParkFitness?

Full Club 24-hour membership = 24 per week Partner membership = 19.50 per week (each) Family membership = as above (partner) and the 3rd person joins for only $10 per week ALL PRICES CORRECT AS OF November 2020 and may change at any time.

How much is Personal Training?

30 mins - 60* per session Pay as you go or 10 pass = 1 FREE added session 20 Pass = 3 FREE added sessions 60 mins - 99* per session Pay as you go or 10 pass = 1 FREE added session 20 Pass = 3 FREE added sessions Added FREE warning: Train safe....sadly we have had many people join us after they 'tried' another trainer who was cheaper...unfortunately for them, they were either injured, insulted, ignored and ripped off. Hopefully this won't happen to you. (What price do you place on the care of your back?) Ask - best be safe, not sorry - I'd encourage you to ask around. Check with friends or neighbours that we have trained (we've been doing it for over 20 years), or ask a stranger at one of the local cafes or shops. All Sessions can be shared with a partner and share the costs. See question on sharing your training with a partner. *ALL prices include GST

Have you founnd a spelling mistake?

Pleaz lett uss no if ewe fine won!

Is it true you were once called something else?

Yes it was....we started a long time ago, in fact we've been doing this since late last century. I was personally training people on the streets and parks of Middle Park in the early 90's (1993). In 1998 I established a fantastic little studio (with a fanstastic little name) next door to Victors Dry Cleaning and was there for 12 years. We outgrew that space and relocated into the present building (just 3 shops up the road towards the pub). Over the years we have seen many fitness fades come and go and I have seen many other fitness centres set up and use the name we had chosen back in 1996...it was becoming such a pain to 'legally' set ourselves apart from our uniquely chosen brand. In an effort to avoid the growing confusion with others who were also using our name, we changed to MiddleParkFitness. We believe MiddleParkFitness not only represents where we are (we love our suburb!) but what we best do. And we are also pretty confident that other gyms across Australia will be less likely to 'copy'. MiddleParkFitness - Get Fit........NO SWEAT!

Do the numbers add up?

Yes they do....we started way back in '98. I graduated from college and began teaching P.E. in '89. Therefore the 8998 suffix was picked for a reason. The 9682 was the area code for Middle Park. Hence our phone number 9682 8998

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